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Gateways and processing merchant account
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Please for any question about charges in your Credit Card for your ad or ads you placed at website website website

If you are concerned about ad cancellation, fees in your credit card or other inquired

 Please feel free to contact at:

      1) Direct phone number: 818-497-0145 (Carlos) or

      2) E-Mail to:

Please have handle this information when you call:

 For Billing question

      1) Your name

      2) Last four digit of the credit card you used in the transaction

      3) Transaction ID

      4) E-Mail you used in the transaction

 For your ad information

      1) Please log in in the web site where you placed the ad using
           your user name and password

      2) Name of the website

      3) Class ID  or e-mail used in your ad

      4) Transaction ID is an independently owned website.  It is not affiliated with any advertiser, periodical, or website that also uses Net, Wire or Comm in their business name
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